Reasons to Seek Emergency Pediatric Dental Care

Kids will be kids. Meaning chances are that sometime before their adult life they will experience some sort of accident or suffer from an injury. Injuries children experience include everything from a broken bone to a sprained ankle and minor scrapes to the loss of a tooth. Some injuries are […] Read more »

Prevent Cavities in Toddlers with Regular Dental Visits

Increasingly, more toddlers are plagued with cavities. Although risks vary, most of these cavities are the result of poor dental hygiene and diet. Additionally, many new parents don’t know when to take their child to the dentist the first time, which if delayed, increases their child’s risk of getting cavities. Read more »

Dental Emergencies for Kids

Beside your child’s regular dental checkups and cleanings, there may be other times you will need to bring your child to the dentist. Some dental emergencies may require emergency pediatric dental care. Here are a few times you will need to get your child to the dentist as quickly as possible. Read more »

Helping Kids with Dental Fears

Helping a child overcome their fear of the dentist is crucial to their future dental health. Often when children have fears of the dentist it will roll over to their adult years. This can result in an avoidance of the dentist as an adult and subsequent dental health issues. Pediatric Dentist Dr. Hayutin caters to children as a kid’s dentist in Denver. Read more »