Dental Emergencies for Kids

Beside your child’s regular dental checkups and cleanings, there may be other times you will need to bring your child to the dentist. Some dental emergencies may require emergency pediatric dental care. Here are a few times you will need to get your child to the dentist as quickly as possible.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Teeth can be chipped or broken when there has been an injury resulting in part of a tooth being chipped or broken off. When this happens it is important get your child and any pieces of the tooth that you can retrieve quickly to the dentist. In some cases the tooth can be repaired. If you can not get to the dentist immediately, and your child is in pain, you can give them some over the counter children’s pain relief medication.

Lost Caps or Fillings

Caps and fillings can in some cases come loose. When this happens it is very important to get your child and the cap or any pieces of the filling to their dentist as soon as possible. The reason it is important to have your child examined quickly is because infection can set in to teeth that have already experienced some decay. Protecting the tooth as quickly as possible will cut down on the chances of this happening. Losing a cap or filling can in some cases be painful. If your child is experiencing pain, you can give them over the counter children’s pain relief medication.

Knocked out Tooth

In some instances your child may have a tooth actually knocked entirely from its socket. If this happens, you should retrieve the tooth if you can, and take your child to the emergency room if the tooth was knocked out due to trauma to their head. Your child will need to be checked for a concussion or anything other injuries. Once you are certain your child has not sustained any other injuries, take your child and the tooth to the dentist. Your child’s dentist will need to evaluate the socket to make sure there are no remaining pieces of the tooth in the gum.

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