Helping Kids with Dental Fears

Helping a child overcome their fear of the dentist is crucial to their future dental health. Often when children have fears of the dentist it will roll over to their adult years. This can result in an avoidance of the dentist as an adult and subsequent dental health issues. Pediatric Dentist Dr. Hayutin caters to children as a kid’s dentist in Denver. He helps his younger patients to overcome their fears so that they can enjoy their trips to the dentist. Here are a few tips that parents can also incorporate at home to ensure that their youngster feels confident and happy when they visit the dentist.

Do Not Talk Negative

When children hear their parents or other adults talk negative about the dentist around them, it makes them immediately think that there must be something very scary about the dentist. Kids look to the adults in their life to help them navigate and understand their world. Make an effort to talk about the dentist and dental hygiene in a positive way. This will help your kids to understand that the dentist is not something to be feared.

Keep Appointments

Kids are often scared of the dentist because they have not had sufficient time to get acquainted with the dentist. When you keep all of your child’s appointments they will have more opportunities to get to know their dentist and to get comfortable at the dentist’s office. You should never cancel an appointment just because your child is scared. Avoiding the thing they are scared of will just strengthen the fear.

Make Dentist Visits a Treat

You can make a trip to the dentist extra special by combining it with some kind of treat. A trip to the movies or a favorite park may prove to be a great incentive to help a hesitant child make it through their dentist appointment. In this way the child will begin to associate the dentist with positive things rather than negative. You want your child to relax and many times we can relax better when we can associate the event with positive memories.

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