Kid’s Tooth Fillings

A filling in your child’s tooth helps to restore a tooth when it is decayed, broken, or malformed. One common way cavities can occur is not having proper dental hygiene, which is why it is so important to set up an appointment for your child come in to see Dr. Dave for regular exams and cleanings when they are young. When they start visiting a dentist when they are small, your child will the proper way to brush and floss their teeth, which will set them up for better oral health as they grow.

When it is necessary to fill a cavity, Dr. Dave makes the pediatric dental filling procedure quick and easy for your child. They will leave happy and as a parent, you will leave feeling confident that your child has received great dental care.

If you have questions about kid’s tooth fillings, or would like to set up an appointment, give either of our Denver locations below, a call today!