Prevent Cavities in Toddlers with Regular Dental Visits

Increasingly, more toddlers are plagued with cavities. Although risks vary, most of these cavities are the result of poor dental hygiene and diet. Additionally, many new parents don’t know when to take their child to the dentist the first time, which if delayed, increases their child’s risk of getting cavities.

So, when should you take your child to the dentist for the first time? The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that toddlers visit the dentist by their first birthday. At Hayutin Pediatric Dentistry, we urge parents to follow this recommendation to ensure their children have a healthy mouth and a firm understanding of proper oral hygiene.

What to Expect During the First Visit to the Pediatric Dentist

In our practice it is important to take an individual assessment of each child’s mouth. We want to determine whether they are at risks of developing cavities, if their teeth are coming in straight, and if they have any problems that may impact their speech or their ability to eat. We accomplish this using many techniques including a visual assessment.

At Hayutin Pediatric Dentistry, we recognize that maintaining a toddler’s teeth can be difficult. Many parents don’t know what to do or how to motivate their children to take care of their teeth on their own, so we provide valuable information during the first visit, including:

  • How to handle toothaches
  • How to soothe children’s gums
  • What to do for emergency pediatric dental care
  • Daily dental regimens for toddlers
  • Schedules for follow-ups

All of our parents find this information useful because it helps them understand how they can establish a foundation for proper dental care with their children.

Risks Associated with Failing to Take Your Child to the Dentist Early

There are some parents who don’t see the significance in taking their child to the dentist early. However, milk and baby foods contain sugars, which increase their chances of having cavities. Additionally, without going to the dentist early, problems with the position of their teeth may not be identified early and can lead to the need for braces and other corrective dental procedures in the future. By visiting the dentist early, you increase their chances of having a straight, bright smile full of teeth.

Knowing when to take your child to the dentist can make the difference between your child having a healthy set of teeth or cavities. As a kids dentist in Denver, we see many problematic dental cases in children that are preventable simply by bringing children to the dentist early.