Your Kid’s First Trip to the Dentist in Denver: Tips for Dental Anxiety

Although the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends kids have their first dental check-up before their first birthday, some parents choose to wait a little longer. A dental visit is probably not a big deal to you, but the experience can overwhelm a toddler, especially when the child doesn’t know what to expect. If you live in the Denver metro area, Hayutin Pediatric Dentistry is the ideal place to take your kid for their first trip to the dentistry.

Why Hayutin Pediatric Dentist in Denver and Aurora? 

Treating young patients is not the same as treating adults. Kids need child-centered experiences to feel comfortable. Everything from the waiting room layout to the mannerisms of the staff must be designed with youngsters in mind.

The staff at both the Aurora and Cherry Creek Hayutin Pediatric Dentistry locations are trained to deal with the dental anxiety, fear, and oral hygiene problems common to youngsters. Since your child can continue to see the same pediatric dentist for years, he will start to see the staff as extended family and look forward to every visit.

Tips for Dental Anxiety 

While it’s natural for your youngster to be scared during the first dental visit, don’t let anxiety get the best of him or her. Here are some tips to ease those anxious feelings.

  • Acclimate your child. Before your child’s dental visit, get her used to brushing and flossing her teeth. You can also read children’s books about the dentist and play pretend. The more you read books and give your child pretend dental check-ups, the easier it will be for her to get used to opening her mouth and sitting still.
  • Sit with your child. If your toddler is afraid to sit in the chair alone, sit in the chair yourself and let her sit on your lap. Don’t worry, this is a scenario our pediatric dentists are used to. While it’s not the most comfortable way for them to work, they are willing to do whatever it takes to make their young patients comfortable.
  • Choose the best time of day. Kids get irritable and cranky when they are tired and hungry, so schedule visits around nap and meal times. Also, if your child is not feeling well, reschedule the appointment. Taking a sick child to the dentist can turn into a nightmare for all involved.
  • Bring a comfort item. If your child has a favorite teddy bear, let him bring it to the office. This can reassure your toddler and make the visit less stressful for everyone. The dentist won’t mind your child snuggling with a soft toy while he gets a check-up.

Your toddler’s initial visit to the dentist can set the stage for future visits. When you play games, read books, pick an appropriate appointment time, and choose Hayutin for your children’s dentist in Cherry Creek and Aurora, CO, your child is more likely to have a positive experience. Give either of our locations a call today!